Modern Money and Sovereign Currency

A Discussion of New Currency Theory (NCT) and Modern Money Theory (MMT)

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Modern Money Theory (MMT) has developed since the mid-1990s. Some monetary reformers hope for support from MMT. New Currency Theory (NCT) and Modern Money Theory (MMT) indeed share a number of analytical views. It nonetheless turns out that MMT - in spite of its claim to stand for a sovereign-currency system - is closer to representing new banking doctrine rather than currency teaching.

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Here is an article on > Modern Money Theory and New Currency Theory. A comparative discussion, including an assessment of their relevance to monetary reform  
published in the Real-World Economics Review, no.66, 13 January 2014. A first draft of the paper was presented at the American Monetary Institute's 9th Annual Monetary Reform Conference, Chicago, 19–22 September 2013.

Modern Money and Sovereign Currency

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• Cullen Roche has made a comprehensive > Critique of Modern Money Theory in 2011 from his Monetary Realism point of view. This converges and overlaps in quite many aspects with the analysis given here.   

 Marc Lavoie > The monetary and fiscal nexus of neo-chartalism: A friendly critical look into MMT (2011), University of Ottawa, Department of Economics

• Brett Fiebiger > Modern Money Theory and the 'Real-World' Accounting of 1 - 1 < 0, PERI, University of Massachussets Amherst, Working Paper Series No. 279, Jan 2012.


• Stephen Zarlenga, American Monetary Institute, dealt with Mitchell-Innes' misleading equating of money with credit, or debt resp., in 2002 > Critique of Innes' 'credit theory of money'.  
In 2013 followed a critical > Evaluation of Modern Money Theory MMT by Steven Walsh and Stephen Zarlenga.

Clint Ballinger contributes to discussing MMT > on his homepage


Joseph Huber on Modern Money and New Currency Theory